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Nicola & KimThe Proposal

In the words of Nicola Pert… “Engagement proposal – completed it”

Let me set the scene. A stunning Crisp balmy November afternoon in Brighton. The sun about to set past the bright lights of Brighton pier. A guitar singer song writer setting up to perform a unique song special to Nicola & her girlfriend Kim. (plus A shifty photographer trying to stay incognito)
Early on this year Nicola started organising a pinnacle moment in her life to propose to her girlfriend Kim & asked me to play an integral part of it. Of course I jumped to the high hills with excitement & accepted her invitation. It was only until the actual day came when pure pressure flooded my every being. Nicola is a videographer & friend of mine, so my creativity & precision HAD to be on point (In an environment that was extremely unpredictable), no pressure! The singer Nicola had organised was so talented that I was worried that a herd of tourist would come and crowd around them so I wouldn’t get a look in. Luckily for me…. it all went to plan, and I had space to work with.
I had my boyfriend Rich in tow who managed to keep me cool, calm, collected, and also did a great job of blocking Kim’s view of me & my 3 cameras! He’s also not bad hand at taking a picture or two, so he took some BTS pictures for me.  What a guy!
I felt so nervous I couldn’t imagine how Nicola felt. At 4pm on the dot I saw them walk up the pier towards us. This was it… time stood still for Nicola as I saw her reach for her pocket. They swayed and kissed as they heard their special song being sang to them (Kim not knowing it was being sung JUST for them). Down on one knee Nicola went keeping her composure, revealing the most incredible ring she had been so eagerly waiting to share with Kim.
Of course she said ‘Yes’, like there was any doubt (this would have been a very awkward blog if she hadn’t).
They are two peas in a pod, and always share their hopes and dreams with one an other, with marriage being one of them. Tears of joy streamed down both of their shocked & delighted faces.
After a few moments Kim slowly realised she was being filmed & photographed. What had her girlfriend been planning this whole time! Whatever next,
…her whole family travelling to Brighton to celebrate that very evening???
A couple of hours passed, and I met with all of their family & friends at a gorgeous bar on the beach front for the second best surprise of the day. All of Nicola’s plans had come together, and they were able to share their special news with their nearest & dearest, with tears flowing as much as the prosecco. Kim now realising why no one had answered her video calls, as they were also strolling around Brighton getting ready for the evenings antics.
Thank you Nicola & Kim for allowing me to capture an incredibly special moment in time. I hope your enjoying the engagement bubble! Bring on the Wedding!

Thanks again for having me there, X

Annie & AndyBurton, Peak District

Close friends of mine became engaged, and you know what that means… picture time!!

Annie & Andy (who are best known as the double A’s) are the central components to our friendship group, always hosting parties and cooking dinner for everybody. Their engagement has been a fantastic opportunity for us to give something back, and I have in the best way I know, photography.

They took a day off from work, and we headed to the Peak District to play cameras. Although nippy, the weather was unbelievably gorgeous; bright wintry sunshine, with a bite to the air. Exploring the landscape of Buxton with my newly engaged friends in the glimmering sunshine really was a wonderful way to spend a Monday!

The double AA’s were an absolute dream to photograph, and I am so excited to have a friend of mine Darina Stoda photographing their big day for them in June 2018.

So here’s the start of their journey to married life… through my eyes XX

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