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Nicola & KimThe Proposal

In the words of Nicola Pert… “Engagement proposal – completed it”

Let me set the scene. A stunning Crisp balmy November afternoon in Brighton. The sun about to set past the bright lights of Brighton pier. A guitar singer song writer setting up to perform a unique song special to Nicola & her girlfriend Kim. (plus A shifty photographer trying to stay incognito)
Early on this year Nicola started organising a pinnacle moment in her life to propose to her girlfriend Kim & asked me to play an integral part of it. Of course I jumped to the high hills with excitement & accepted her invitation. It was only until the actual day came when pure pressure flooded my every being. Nicola is a videographer & friend of mine, so my creativity & precision HAD to be on point (In an environment that was extremely unpredictable), no pressure! The singer Nicola had organised was so talented that I was worried that a herd of tourist would come and crowd around them so I wouldn’t get a look in. Luckily for me…. it all went to plan, and I had space to work with.
I had my boyfriend Rich in tow who managed to keep me cool, calm, collected, and also did a great job of blocking Kim’s view of me & my 3 cameras! He’s also not bad hand at taking a picture or two, so he took some BTS pictures for me.  What a guy!
I felt so nervous I couldn’t imagine how Nicola felt. At 4pm on the dot I saw them walk up the pier towards us. This was it… time stood still for Nicola as I saw her reach for her pocket. They swayed and kissed as they heard their special song being sang to them (Kim not knowing it was being sung JUST for them). Down on one knee Nicola went keeping her composure, revealing the most incredible ring she had been so eagerly waiting to share with Kim.
Of course she said ‘Yes’, like there was any doubt (this would have been a very awkward blog if she hadn’t).
They are two peas in a pod, and always share their hopes and dreams with one an other, with marriage being one of them. Tears of joy streamed down both of their shocked & delighted faces.
After a few moments Kim slowly realised she was being filmed & photographed. What had her girlfriend been planning this whole time! Whatever next,
…her whole family travelling to Brighton to celebrate that very evening???
A couple of hours passed, and I met with all of their family & friends at a gorgeous bar on the beach front for the second best surprise of the day. All of Nicola’s plans had come together, and they were able to share their special news with their nearest & dearest, with tears flowing as much as the prosecco. Kim now realising why no one had answered her video calls, as they were also strolling around Brighton getting ready for the evenings antics.
Thank you Nicola & Kim for allowing me to capture an incredibly special moment in time. I hope your enjoying the engagement bubble! Bring on the Wedding!

Thanks again for having me there, X

Olivia & AndyShustoke Farm Barns

Well hasn’t Shustoke been an absolute pinnacle venue of the year for me!

The summer has delivered pure blissful sun & I have been able to get out there and frolic in golden hour with my camera. One golden hour shoot which has stuck in my mind is the gorgeous Olivia & her new doting husband Andy. He not only had massive husband points for carrying her through the field, but he also surprised Olivia by singing to her in front of all of her friends & family after their first dance. It was so plain to see how head over heels they are for each other, and it was a real pleasure to be around & capture.

Here’s a snippet into their perfect day, enjoy!

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David & AlyciaLake Como Wedding

Well David & Alycia certainly know how to do things in style.

Their stunning Lake Como wedding was submerged in olive springs, eucalyptus & sensuous Peonies. Drenched in sunlight the couple had the weather they had dreamt of, and the day was everything they had envisioned and then some!

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Henry & EllieWethele Manor

After 4 and a half years together Henry & Ellie decided to put a ring on it & make it official after a proposal on a dog walk at Warwick Racecourse (on a bench where they had their first kisses). Sometimes you really do get lucky with working for the best people. and Henry & Ellie were that couple! Over the years I get to work with many fantastic couples, and I will always remember Henry & Ellie giggling their way through their wedding day. An absolute pleasure to be around.

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Shinead & CharlieManor Farm Tythe Barn

Welcome to a wedding of a wonderful couple, which not only share the same passion each other, but the performing arts!

A glamorous 1920 styled bride, with a spring flower drenched wedding, is there anything much better?

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...the land of fire and iceIceland

It seems that nearly everyone I talk to has either been or wants to desperately visit this small island in the North Atlantic. Thanks to social media most of us have been submerged by the stunning landscape of Iceland, and is now on most bucket lists of places to visit. So much so the number of foreign visitors exceeded 2,000,000 at the end of 2017.  There’s just something mystical about Iceland, something that grabs a hold of our collective travel souls and refuses to let go. After my first visit there this year I am already plotting my return visit; the allure is just too strong & there is so much to see. Add to that the fact it’s a short and easy flight from the UK with no time difference it really is the perfect destination for a quick getaway (if you’re not a sun seeking soul). It truly is a place of natural phenomena, of which will make you appreciate even more the green & blue marble spinning around in the universe we call home. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the narrative tours where I learned so much about this mystical place so I have sourced some weird & wonderful facts about Iceland I’d love to share with you all!

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Jenny & SebHappy Valley & Aberdovey Bay

As Seb & Jenny are both free loving spirits I just knew they would be amazing to photograph for. I met with them both earlier on in the year to visit the venue, and I instantly understood why they both enjoyed spending any spare moment they had at Happy Valley.

Happy Valley on the welsh coast is where Jenny grew up and is her Nans secret hide away. With Jens nan being poorly over the last few years she wanted to pick somewhere which she meant a lot to her and the family. Since the first time she brought Seb to the cottage he fell in love with it, and together they couldn’t imagine anywhere else to say ‘I do’.

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Steph & RajShustoke Farm Barns

Raj & Steph started their relationship as best friends until blossoming into a beautiful romance. 3 years into their relationship Raj popped the question with a cute treasure hunt for Steph to find Raj upstairs surrounded by candles holding a sparkling engagement ring; which she quickly said yes to before blowing out the huge fire hazard he had created!

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Wethele ManorNeil & Georgia

After the hardest week of Georgia & Neil’s life from her late dad passing just days before the wedding, they both made the decision to carry on despite the heartache, and enjoy their day as her dad would have wanted them to. Georgia had organised the most amazing balloon release in honour of her father Pete. It was so beautiful, and a wonderful tribute to him.

Both Georgia and her mum had planned the whole wedding to perfection, and thought of absolutely EVERYTHING! The day was organised to ensure everybody had the most amazing day; which included an ice cream cart, outdoor games, a string quartet, and flowing booze which is always a winner with guests.

I need to give a shout out to the florist ‘Bumble & Wild’ who produced some exquisite bouquets and dressed the venue beautifully!

They did an impeccable job, and kept busily working through the August showers we experienced through the morning of the wedding.

Georgia looked absolutely stunning, so much so Neil couldn’t keep his eyes off her! He was one very proud husband.

Georgia is the kindest, most thoughtful person I’ve had the pleasure to work for. I was included in all the favours, and sat down to a full 3 course lunch; she was so attentive asking me if I needed anything. I had such a great time at the wedding, I really do have the best job in the world, and it was an absolute pleasure to be there.

Here’s a snippet of their very special day, I hope they rekindle your wonderful memories. X